Next Month inEpilepsia

The September issue of Epilepsia opens with an historical view on “Psychoses of epilepsy in Babylon” by Drs. Wilson and Reynolds. This article is followed by a review of “The epilepsy treatment gap in developing countries” by Dr. Mbuba and colleagues. The theme of epilepsy care in developing countries is taken up again in Gray Matters, including a letter on the potential use of modified Atkins diet, and commentaries on traditional healers and on nurse-led care in Africa. Full-length research reports focus on pediatric and genetic studies, such as: treatment of infantile spasms, SCNA1 mutations in SMEI, NaV1.2 function in benign familial neonatal infantile seizures, and simple febrile seizure history associated with hippocampal abnormalities in adults. Other papers deal with electrical stimulation treatment protocols, hormonal changes and catamenial patterns, and ictal spread.