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  1. ILAE President's midterm report Volume 49, Issue 3, 531–534, Article first published online: 20 February 2008

The Coming Elections

In 2008, the provedures to elect the next EC will start under the direction of an Election Committee chaired by the Immediate Past President. The first step in this process is the election of the new President from a slate of candidates who must fulfill the precondition of having served at least one term of office on the EC. This requirement is to make sure that the candidates for President have experience with our organization. It is not yet known how many of the possible candidates will actually stand for election, but they; all will be given an equal chance to present themselves publically and convince our membership that their performance and accomplishments in the service of epilepsy merit their election to the highest office of our organization. In the second step of the election process, all Chapters will be invited to nominate candidates for the other offices, and the persons who receive most nominations will then be put to a general vote. We are fortunate that around the world there are now many worthy and dedicated people—men and women—who are willing to serve on the EC. The ILAE, in spite of its dynamism and ability for renewal and progress, is a slightly atavistic organization in one respect: all its officers are, and have been for decades, only men. Therefore, the next President, whoever it will be, will again be a man. I feel strongly that time has come for a change, and very much hope that the Chapters will nominate some of the excellent women who are active in our Chapters and Commissions to be strong candidates with a good chance to be elected.