Teaching Ethics at Drexel: Who, How, and Why?



Oestreich, Joel E. (2011) Teaching Ethics at Drexel: Who, How, and Why? International Studies Perspectives,doi: 10.1111/j.1528-3585.2011.00456.x
© 2011 International Studies Association

Although international politics is an area resistant to moral thinking, this paper argues that it is important to ground students in the basics of international ethics. This is true because some of them will become international affairs professionals; but all will be citizens who need the tools to think critically about their nation’s foreign policies. Also, ethical thinking provides a very good way to critique mainstream theories of world politics, by calling into question some of their basic tenets, particularly when these are defended as “rational” and thus beyond criticism. Most textbooks, however, pay too little attention to these problems. A few ways to overcome these shortcomings are suggested.