Novel method of minimally invasive removal of large lipoma after laser lipolysis with 980 nm diode laser


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Lipomas are the most common benign tumor of the soft tissue, often presenting as soft, mobile subcutaneous masses. These lesions are often removed for cosmetic reasons, although they may be removed secondary to considerable discomfort or paresthesias. The large majority of lipomas appear as small, solitary lesions that are best removed by surgical excision. However, surgical removal of large (>10 cm) or multiple lesions may result in significant scarring. Tumescent local anesthesia and liposuction of larger lesions has been successful in a number of cases although this technique can be hindered by overly fibrous lesions. Laser lipolysis, performed alone or before liposuction, can further facilitate removal of these lesions. This technique is a minimally invasive and effective method of lipoma removal, resulting in an excellent cosmetic outcome. This report describes step-by-step removal of a large lipoma located on the back, as well as a review of currently employed techniques for minimally invasive treatment of lipomas.