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  1. REPLY TO COMMENT BY THERIOT (2008) ON KACZMARSKA ET AL. (2006) Volume 45, Issue 4, 987–994, Article first published online: 26 August 2009

Reply to comment by Theriot (2008) on Kaczmarska et al. (2006) (45:987–94).

I. Kaczmarska and L. K. Medlin

Application of phylogenetic principles to testing evolutionary scenarios: a comment on Kaczmarska et al. “Molecular phylogeny of selected members of the order Thalassiosirales (Bacillariophyta) and evolution of the fultoportula” (44:821–33).

E. C. Theriot

In a series of papers and comments, a discrepancy has arisen between Theriot (2008) and Kaczmarska and Medlin (2009) about the delivery of a data set. The Journal of Phycology has determined from its records of correspondence that the full data set necessary to carry out the objectives described by Theriot (2008) was never provided to him, in contrast to the statements by Kaczmarska and Medlin (2009). The Journal of Phycology regrets this oversight.