The recent Journal corrigendum (45:1416) is clarified here relative to the discrepancy between Theriot (2008) and Kaczmarska and Medlin (2009) about the delivery of a data set. The Journal of Phycology has determined from its records of correspondence that NEXUS files were provided by Kaczmarska and Medlin to the Journal, as requested, and sent by the Journal to Theriot. Thus, a data set was transferred as stated in Kaczmarska and Medlin (2009); however, the sequence file did not include an alignment. The Journal has long recognized the importance of alignment information to interpretation and reconstruction of published trees by other investigators and worked with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) to establish procedures for public archive of alignments for all scientists, in addition to J. Phycol. authors (see Brawley, S. H. 1999. Submission and retrieval of an aligned set of nucleic acid sequences. J. Phycol. 35:433–37). The Journal of Phycology requires that all sequences be deposited in public databases, and we strongly recommend that alignments be deposited in public databases when they involve a large number of sequences because this will aid productive future studies by the scientific community.