Table S1. LC-MS instrument configuration.

Table S2. HPLC conditions.

Table S3. Standard curves.

Table S4. Ion trap GC-MS analysis.

Table S5. GC-MS instrument configuration.

Table S6. GC-MS  data of silyl derivatives of natural oxylipins and synthetic analogues. Abbreviations are the same used in the main text.

Figure S1. Calibration curve of 15-HEPE methyl ester.

Figure S2. Standard samples of 16-hydroxyhexadecanoic acid methyl ester.

Figure S3. Response factors of six oxylipins (15-HEPE, 9-HEPE, 9-HHTrE, 5-HETE, 11,12HEpODE, 11,9-HEpODE) representative of major compounds found in diatoms. Each response is calculated as the average of three measurements.

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