• Alcohol Outlets;
  • Underage Drinking;
  • Young Adult Drinking;
  • Drinking-Related Problems;
  • Hospital Discharges

Objective:  This paper argues that associations between rates of 3 specific problems related to alcohol (i.e., accidents, traffic crashes, and assaults) should be differentially related to densities of alcohol outlets among underage youth and young adults based upon age-related patterns of alcohol outlet use.

Methods:  Zip code-level population models assessed local and distal effects of alcohol outlets upon rates of hospital discharges for these outcomes.

Results:  Densities of off-premise alcohol outlets were significantly related to injuries from accidents, assaults, and traffic crashes for both underage youth and young adults. Densities of bars were associated with more assaults and densities of restaurants were associated with more traffic crash injuries for young adults.

Conclusions:  The distribution of alcohol-related injuries relative to alcohol outlets reflect patterns of alcohol outlet use.