Fig. S1. (A) Changes in body weight (BW) ofcontrol (C) male mice compared to those maintained on EtOH-DW (40to 48 weeks; E), initiated with DEN (3 weeks; D) or initiated withDEN (3 weeks) followed by EtOH-DW (40 to 48 weeks;D + E). *p < 0.05 48 versus 40 weeks,n = minimum of 8/group. (B) Changes in BW of Cfemale mice compared to E, D, or D + E.n = minimum of 8/group.

Fig. S2. Representative immunoblots of alcoholdehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase expression in liverlysates from control (C) male and female mice compared to thosemaintained on EtOH-DW (E), initiated with DEN (D) or initiated withDEN followed by EtOH-DW (D + E).

Table S1. Pathological scoring criteria employed in blind scoring histology slides after H&E and Picrosirius red staining.

Table S2. Mean pathological scores followingblind scoring for steatosis, necrosis, inflammation and fibrosis incontrol male and female mice (C), and mice maintained on ethanol(E) DEN-initiated (D) or DEN-initiated followed by ethanol(D + E).

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