Supporting Information S1: This supporting information provides two appendices and a series of tables and figures. Appendix A presents a methodology for estimating life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from concentrating solar power (CSP) plants with varying environmental and performance characteristics. Appendix B describes the methodology used to select the standardized values of harmonization parameters.

Table S1 shows the published life cycle GHG emissions by life cycle phase. Table S2 shows the changes to published life cycle GHGs from application of harmonization steps. Tables S3–S7 show the life cycle inventory values from selected studies with published global warming indices (GWIs) and the selected GWI for each material or process. Table S8 lists the life cycle inventory (LCI) processes and their respective GWIs. Figures S1 and S2 depict the rank order estimates of life cycle GHG emissions for dish and tower CSP electricity generation technologies, respectively.

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