jiec532-sup-0001-S1.pdf965K Supporting Information S1. This supporting information contains the numerical results on which our article's figures are based. Section I presents life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) potentials for the different vehicles, presented as total impacts, normalized, or broken down across the different life cycle stages or components. Section II presents the material content of the different components in a condensed form. Section III presents the sensitivity analysis for all impact categories. Section IV presents the top paths responsible for the different impact categories, as identified by our structural path analysis.
jiec532-sup-0001-S2.xls1851K Supporting Information S2. This supporting information contains our detailed inventory and system description. For every component group, the detailed inventory of each component/activity is presented in a matrix form, along with the links between this inventory and the Ecoinvent background. The matrix-based approach to LCA is briefly presented. Finally, we examine the comparability of the conventional vehicle and the electric vehicle in their use phase.

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