Dear Readers: The Letter to the Editor article by Solfrizzi et al., “Change of Diagnoses in Probable and Possible Mild Cognitive Impairment: The Italian Longitudinal Study on Aging,” published in the Journal of the American GeriatricsSociety, 2007; 55:1480–1482, the Figure 1 on page 1481, the balloon on the right, second line, the correct wording should be 99 (71.2%) patients with possible (not probable) MCI in 1992–1993.

Dear Readers: Please note that in the Education and Training article, “White Coats Meet Grey Power: Students and Seniors Respond to an ‘Intergenerational Gala’,” published in JAGS 2007;55:948–954, on p 948, under the title where the authors' names are listed, the second author is listed as “Michelle A. Durst, MA”. Instead, it should read, “Michelle A. Durst”.

Dear Readers: Please note that in the second line of the Conflict of Interest statement of an Editorial in the January 2008 issue entitled, “Providing Structured Opportunities for Nursing Home Residents to Choose Community Care” by Rosalie A. Kane, published on pp 163–166, Dr. Kane is the “principal”, not “principle” investigator of a related CMS contract. Please note the same error in the OnlineEarly version of this Editorial.