This article corrects:

  1. House Calls for Seniors: Building and Sustaining a Model of Care for Homebound Seniors Volume 57, Issue 6, 1103–1109, Article first published online: 27 April 2009

Dear Readers: Authors Beck RA, Arizmendi A, Purnell C, Fultz BA, Callahan CM, of the paper entitled, “House calls for Seniors: Building and Sustaining a Model of Care for Homebound Seniors,” published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2009; 57:1103–1109 in the Models of Geriatric Care, Quality of Improvement, and Program Dissemination section have reported that the originally published Table 4 contains errors in the tabulation of ambulatory care charges, and consequently, in the mean total charges. Please note that the mean total charges in the year after enrollment increased by $2,329 with approximately 50% of this increase due to ambulatory care services. However, the original conclusions of the paper are unchanged.

Table  Revised Table 4. . Health Care Utilization for 468 Patients in the Year Before and Year After Enrollment in House Calls for Seniors Program
Site of CareNumberCharges ($)
Total Ambulatory Care VisitsBeforeAfterBeforeAfter
Total Ambulatory Care Visits3,3917,626766,6881,301,195
 Wishard Emergency Department695594421,549363,495
 Non-Wishard Emergency Department1109266,72056,299
 Wishard Primary Care1,111193119,06215,662
 Housecalls for Seniors1874,07320,117637,770
 Mental Health Home Visits1881,97814,161171,737
 Wishard Specialty Care1,100696125,07956,232
Number of Hospitalizations3303564,027,8514,583,327
 (mean, median length of stay)(6.6, 5.0)(6.3, 5.0)  
 Wishard Hospitalizations2382882,664,2943,550,551
 (mean, median length of stay)(6.1, 5.0)(6.1, 5.0)  
 Non-Wishard Hospitalizations92681,363,5571,032,776
 (mean, median length of stay)(8.0, 6.5)(7.5, 6.0)  
Grand Total Charges  4,794,5395,884,522
Mean Total Charges  10,24412,573