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Outcomes of Dental Implants in Osteoporotic Patients. A Literature Review


Ioanna N. Tsolaki, Papadiamantopoulou 44, Zografou, Athens 15771, Greece. E-mail:


Purpose: This article reviews available data on the outcome of dental implants in osteoporotic patients.

Materials and Methods: A search was performed in PubMed and completed in July 2007. The keywords “dental AND implants AND osteoporosis,”“dental AND implants AND age,”“dental AND implants AND gender,” and “dental AND implants AND bone AND quality,” with no limitations for language or year of publication, resulted in 82, 598, 94, and 541 articles, respectively. After abstract scanning (in case of doubt the article was read), 39 nonreview articles studying dental implant outcomes in osteoporotic/osteopenic subjects remained for our review. The bibliographies of the 39 articles were also inspected, but no additional studies were identified.

Results: Thirteen of 16 animal studies found lower osseointegration rates in osteoporotic/osteopenic bone than in normal bone. Six in nine clinical reports mention success. Eight of 12 studies in humans support the applicability of dental implants in osteoporotic patients.

Conclusions: There are no data to contraindicate the use of dental implants in osteoporotic patients; however, a proper adjustment of the surgical technique and a longer healing period may be considered in order to achieve osseointegration. Data on the use of biphosphonates in osteoporotic patients and implant outcomes are very limited, and no conclusions can be drawn. In addition, large prospective studies investigating the long-term success of dental implants in osteoporotic individuals are required.