Two-Piece Nasal Septum Prosthesis for a Large Nasal Septum Perforation: A Clinical Report


  • Previously presented at the Indian Prosthodontic Society National Conference, Bangalore, India, November 2008.

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C.R. Sashi Purna, Department of Prosthodontics, Government Dental College and Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Putlampalli, Kadapa 516002, India. E-mail:


Nasal septum perforation presents with the symptoms of epistaxis and crusting. Obturation of the defect will decrease the symptoms and increase patient comfort. Prosthetic closure is more predictable and thus the treatment of choice in larger defects. This article describes a procedure for construction of a magnet-retained, heat-processed acrylic nasal septum prosthesis. The two-piece nasal septum prosthesis was processed and joined together in situ by magnets. Each piece of the septum prosthesis conforms to the remaining medial wall of each nostril and forms the missing half of the nasal septum. The prosthesis not only alleviates symptoms, but also provides structural support to the saddle-shaped nose and improves esthetics.