Ureteroliths were removed on two occasions from a mare by different techniques. A 3 cm calculus was removed by right ureterolithectomy during a ventral midline celiotomy. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine were measured monthly and remained within normal limits for 5 months. During the fifth postoperative month, after 9 days of lumbar pain, the mare was represented with an increased BUN and creatinine and a ureterolith in the left ureter. Using a Dormia basket stone dislodger, the second ureterolith was removed through a vestibulourethral approach. Fourteen days after surgery, the BUN and creatinine had returned to normal limits and the mare remained asymptomatic for 3 months. The mare then developed severe laminitis after 2 days of strenuous exercise and was euthanized. At necropsy, both kidneys contained multiple calculi.