One hundred eighteen dogs were studied at three veterinary teaching hospitals after the administration of midazolam (0.1 mg/kg, intravenously [IV]) or a placebo. Midazolam and placebo treatments were randomized and blinded to the investigators. The dose of thiamylal required for tracheal intubation 3 to 5 minutes after midazolam or placebo was calculated. The dose of thiamylal at the three hospitals was 10.6,9.8, and 10.1 mg/kg IV after midazolam, and 12.1,11.2, and 11.6 mg/kg IV after placebo. Pooled data from the three hospitals yielded a significant (p < .001) decrease in mean IV thiamylal dose after midazolam (10.2 mg/kg) compared with placebo (11.6 mg/kg). Overall, there was a 12% decrease in the dose of thiamylal required for tracheal intubation after midazolam compared to that after the placebo. The thiamylal dose was significantly (p < .001) decreased after midazolam compared with placebo for dogs weighing more than 15 kg but not for dogs weighing less than 15 kg.