The aim of this study was to document what changes in the resting and stressed urethral pressure profile occur in the incontinent bitch with urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (SMI) immediately after colposuspension. Resting and stressed subtracted simultaneous urethral pressure profilometry was performed immediately pre- and postcolposuspension in 26 bitches diagnosed with SMI. All of the urethral pressure profiles were measured in anaesthetized bitches using a standard technique and two orientations of the catheter transducers (dorsal and left). Readable pre- and postoperative urethral pressure profiles were obtained in 20 of the 26 bitches. Subjective and objective evaluation of the profiles showed significant differences in the profiles pre- and postcolposuspension. Immediately postoperatively there were significant (P < .05) increases in functional profile length, maximum urethral closure pressure (MUCP), and distance between the bladder neck and the first negative respiratory peak and stressed spike. There was a significant (P < .001) decrease in the percentage of negative spikes extending below the resting intravesical pressure on the subtracted profile. The pressure transmission profiles were significantly (P < .001) altered by surgery. The findings presented support the hypothesis that colposuspension may restore continence by increasing pressure transmission to the proximal urethra and bladder neck. The results also suggest that immediately after surgery functional urethral length and urethral resistance are increased.