Twenty dogs with abscessation of the prostate gland were treated by celiotomy, drainage, and digital exploration of the gland through bilateral capsulectomy wounds. Omentum was introduced through the capsulectomy wounds and packed into the abscess cavities around the prostatic urethra. Most dogs were discharged from the hospital within 48 hours of the surgery. Long-term resolution of the problem (no recurrence within 12 months) was achieved in 19 dogs. One dog had recurrent abscessation that was managed by the placement of dependant Penrose drains. Temporary tube cystostomy was performed postoperatively in one dog for the management of transient dysuria. One dog with septic peritonitis resulting from preoperative abscess rupture was managed by concurrent open peritoneal drainage. Intracapsular prostatic omentalization was a simple and effective means of managing prostatic abscessation with minimal requirement for postoperative hospitalization of the patient. The frequency of serious complications, including postoperative urinary incontinence, was low.