Objective— To compare the precision of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery when performed with or without a jig.

Study Design— Cadaveric study.

Sample Population— Cadaveric, adult greyhound hindlimbs (n=9 pair).

Methods— TPLO (n=18) was performed on each limb pair; 1 with and 1 without use of a jig. Measurements taken from pre- and postsurgical radiographs were osteotomy position, tibial plateau angle (TPA), varus-valgus malalignment, and tibial torsion. The null hypothesis was that TPLO precision was not affected by use of a jig. Student's t-test was used to investigate differences in TPA, osteotomy location, and frequency and extent of iatrogenic limb malalignment; P<.05 was considered significant.

Results— There were no significant differences in postsurgical TPA, tibial crest thickness, varus-valgus malalignment, or tibial torsion between TPLOs performed with or without a jig. Osteotomy location was significantly more distal when a jig was used (P=.03).

Conclusions— Jig use did not improve the precision of TPLO surgery.

Clinical Relevance— Performing TPLO without a jig should reduce surgery time, eliminate complications related to placement of the distal jig pin and allow unhindered positioning of the osteotomy.