Objective— To evaluate the clinical use and outcome of a rectus abdominis microvascular free flap for wound closure in dogs.

Study Design— Retrospective case series.

Animals— Dogs (n=9) with complex extremity or oral wounds.

Methods— Medical records (2002–2006) of dogs that had a rectus abdominis free tissue transfer to close an extremity or oral wound were reviewed.

Results— Nine dogs were identified: 5 had distal extremity wounds, 3 had oral palatal defects, and 1 had a large hygroma excised. A rectus abdominis free tissue transfer with a caudal epigastric vascular pedicle was successfully used for management of these wounds. No major complications occurred with the donor site and a good cosmetic and functional outcome occurred in all dogs.

Conclusion— The rectus abdominis is a versatile muscle that can be used for reconstructing cutaneous and oral defects with repeatable success.

Clinical Relevance— Free tissue transfer of the rectus abdominis muscle is a clinically useful technique for closure of a variety of difficult soft tissue wounds.