Objectives— To report outcome of horses treated for navicular syndrome using a pull-through (PT) technique for palmar digital neurectomy (PDN).

Design— Retrospective study.

Animals— Horses (n=41) with navicular syndrome (NS).

Methods— Medical records (1998–2002) for horses that had NS and failed to respond to conservative management that had unilateral or bilateral forelimb, biaxial PDN were reviewed. Outcome for up to 6 years was obtained by telephone questionnaire or lameness examination. Survival analysis was used to assess time to recurrence of lameness.

Results— One year after PDN, 36 horses (88%) were free of lameness. Mean survival with no lameness after surgery was estimated at 4.14±0.33 years (median, 5 years).

Conclusions— PT–PDN technique resulted in soundness for 88% of horses for at least 1 year. PT–PDN was easily and quickly performed without specialized equipment, and had a low incidence of complications.

Clinical Relevance— The PT technique is an effective and viable alternative surgical method for PDN.