Trichobezoar Obstruction after Stapled Jejunal Anastomosis in a Dog


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Objective— To describe an unusual long-term complication of circular end-to-end anastomosis (CEEA) stapling in a dog.

Study Design— Clinical case report.

Animal— An 11-year-old, female neutered, Labrador Retriever.

Methods— The dog was referred for clinical signs of bowel obstruction. An enterectomy was performed 2 years before presentation using a CEEA stapling device. Palpation, plain radiographs, and ultrasound of the abdomen confirmed the presence of a mass in the bowel, causing obstruction, and requiring surgical approach.

Results— An exploratory celiotomy revealed a 5 cm mass in the jejunum, involving the site of the previous surgery. The mass was removed by enterectomy. Dissection of the mass revealed the presence of many staples at the previous enterectomy site, and a trichobezoar entangled in the exposed parts of the staples.

Conclusions— An enterectomy was required to treat an intestinal obstruction caused by a trichobezoar entangled in a CEEA-stapled anastomosis.

Clinical Relevance— Development of trichobezoar and subsequent bowel obstruction should be considered an unusual but potential long-term complication of CEEA-stapled anastomosis.