Objective— This case report describes the surgical removal of an intra-abdominal tumor from a Mexican axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). The animal was admitted with left abdominal swelling that had increased over 4 months.

Methods— Surgical removal was performed under general anesthesia with MS222 under an operating microscope. Exploratory laparotomy was performed through 2.5 dorsocranial skin incision in the left flank, followed by subcutaneous dissection.

Results— The tumor involved the spleen, was adjacent to the descending colon, and supplied by vessels from the spleen, stomach, and colon. The mass was removed by clamping and transecting the spleen and the peritoneum was closed with a continuous suture pattern, while abdominal muscles and skin were closed in layers. After a total duration time of anesthesia of 90 minutes the animal was kept in prophylactic antibiotic baths. Tissue sections revealed characteristics of both lymphangiosarcoma and lymphosarcoma with an appearance typical for a malignant tumor.

Conclusions— Abdominal surgery was performed in an axolotl and the surgical wound healed without complication.