To validate the safety of a suprapatellar pouch (SPP), approach to the femoropatellar joint (FPJ), and describe use of a laparoscopic cannula to remove debris or loose bodies.

Study Design

Retrospective case series


Horses (n = 168) with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the FPJ.


Arthroscopy was performed on 245 FPJ with OCD. Two subpatellar portals were created, 1 axial and 1 abaxial to the lateral patellar ligament. Additionally, a SPP egress portal for lavage, was created 2 cm proximal to the most palpable dorsolateral eminence of the patellar base. A 10-mm laparoscopic cannula and trocar unit was used in all SPP portals. The SPP portal was closed in 2 layers in the first 121 horses and the skin only in the remaining 47 horses. Medical records were reviewed for complications and surgical time and owner satisfaction with cosmesis obtained.


No complications were recorded for the SPP portal regardless of closure technique. All owners were satisfied with the cosmetic outcome of the procedure once the hair had grown back and felt the additional incision did not negatively impact horses presented for sale at public auction. Mean surgery time was 27.7 min/joint.


No complications were recorded using a SPP portal and laparoscopic cannula, and owner satisfaction was high.