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Dorsal Slab Fracture of the Fourth Carpal Bone in a Racing Greyhound


  • Scott Rutherford BVMS, CertSAS,

    Corresponding author
    • Croft Veterinary Hospital, Cramlington, Northumberland, UK
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  • Malcolm G. Ness BVetMed, CertSAO, Diplomate ECVS, FRCVS

Corresponding Author

Scott Rutherford, BVMS, CertSAS, Croft Veterinary Hospital, Northumberland Business Park West, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 7RH, UK




To report the diagnosis and surgical management of a dorsal slab fracture of the fourth carpal bone in a racing greyhound.

Study Design

Clinical report.


Three-year-old, male racing Greyhound.


The fracture was not visible on orthogonal radiographs and the diagnosis was made by computed tomography. Open reduction and internal fixation with 2 countersunk 2.0-mm screws inserted in lag fashion was performed via a dorsal approach. Outcome was analyzed objectively by comparing preinjury and postsurgery racing performances.


Internal fixation resulted in fracture healing and the dog returned to racing recording times similar to those before injury.


Fractures of the fourth carpal bone may not be visible on standard orthogonal radiographic views and cross-sectional imaging may be required for more accurate identification. Surgical management was successful with the dog returning to preinjury levels of competition.