Standing Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Treatment of Left Dorsal Displacement of the Large Colon and Closure of the Nephrosplenic Space


Corresponding Author

Juan Muňoz, Clinique vétérinaire du Grand Renaud, 72650, Saint-Saturnin, France




To report a standing hand-assisted laparoscopic technique for closure of the nephrosplenic space (NS), and short-term outcome in horses.

Study Design

Case series.


Horses (n = 12) aged 5–14 years.


Medical records (2007–2010) of horses treated for left dorsal displacement of the large colon (LDDLC) using a hand-assisted laparoscopic correction technique with closure of the NS in the same surgical procedure were reviewed. A modified grid laparotomy in the left paralumbar fossa was used with manual correction of LDDLC, after which the NS was closed with a laparoscopic technique. Follow up was obtained by telephone interview of owners or referring veterinarians.


Resolution of LDDLC and closure of the NS was successful, with only minor postoperative complications, in all horses. On short-term follow-up (>10 months; mean, 23.8 months), 2 horses had displacement of the large colon between the spleen and the body wall.


Standing hand-assisted laparoscopic correction of LDDLC and closure of the NS in a single surgical procedure is feasible. Appropriate case selection is mandatory when performing this combined technique.