To report 1) a combined technique of urethropexy and colposuspension; 2) intra- and postoperative complications; and 3) medium term outcome.

Study design

Retrospective case series.


Female dogs (n = 30) with urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (USMI) unresponsive to medical management.


Through a ventral median celiotomy, the bladder was positioned abdominally to permit the urethra to be anchored with single interrupted polypropylene sutures to the prepubic tendon and linea alba. The vagina was freed from the vesicovaginal and rectovaginal attachments and advanced cranially by traction before attachment to the prepubic tendon with polypropylene mattress sutures. Bitches were re-examined 2 weeks postoperatively; medium term outcome (>6 months) was evaluated by telephone interview of owners.


At a median follow up of 39.5 months, 21 bitches (70%) were considered to have an “excellent” medium term outcome with complete resolution of their urinary signs; 8 (26.6%) had a “good” outcome, and 3 (10%) had mild transient dysuria postoperatively.


Combined urethropexy and colposuspension resulted in complete resolution of urinary incontinence in 70% of bitches with USMI and was not associated with major complications.