The Death of Henry George: Scholar or Statesman?


  • Jack Schwartzman

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      Dr. Jack Schwartzman is retired both as a New York attorney and as Professor Emeritus from Nassau immunity College in New York, where he taught English for thirty years (1964–1994), He is the author of Rebels of Individualism (1949) and continues on as editor-in-chief of Fragments, an international individualist magazine. Born in the Ukraine in 1912, Dr. Schwartzman vows to continue “writing and speaking—to the end of his days.” [And we look forward to many additional wonderful contributions from Dr. Schwartzman in the years ahead-Ed.


Abstract. Henry George was determined to complete his book on political economy (subsequently published as The Science of Political Economy) but in March 1897 his health began to deteriorate. Ignoring doctors’warnings George continued to work on his project and in June of 1897, George, as if not having enough to do, accepted the nomination to run for Mayor of Greater New York. At the night of his acceptance of the nomination George was already thin of body; and his face was ashen. Five days before the election, on October 28, 1897, George succumbed to the inevitable and was buried on November 1, 1897. His passing provoked a hundred thousand citizens to pass before his bier, and in so doing the crowd vindicated George s lifelong idea of the brotherhood of man.