The Problem of Modem Poverty

Significant Congruences Between Hegel's and George's Theoretical Conceptions


  • Robert Siemens

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      Dr. Robert Siemens is an independent scholar residing in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Cananda. His forthcoming book to be published by Mellen Pess in Lewiston is entitled, “Introduction to Cultural Historical Sociology.”


Abstract. This paper discusses the congruence between Hegel's and George's conception of the most pressing problem of modem life: increasing poverty alongside increasing wealth. It also presents Hegel's and George's solutions to the problem–emigration and the land tax, respectively. Secondly, the paper considers the generation of an urban rabble by modem society in terms of its destabilizing consequences for the relationships among the economy, language, and ethics. The conclusion addresses the insurmountable problem for Hegel's system—the effects of unjust land practices, which were repeated after European colonization of America—as diagnosed by Henry George.