Hovig T. The early discoveries of collagen-platelet interaction and studies on its role in hemostatic plug formation. J Thromb Haemost 2005; 3: 1–6.

In the above article, the author would like to revise the following paragraph: ‘Other experiments also indicated that ADP might be the active principle, but this had still to be proved. Holmsen composed a micromethod based on the ability of the firefly enzyme luciferase to emit strong light on contact with ATP. Since ADP can specifically and quantitatively be converted to ATP by a pyrovate kinase system, a sensitive and reproducible assay was possible. Using this system we could confirm that the aggregating principle released by collagen-platelet interaction really was ADP [11]’.

The new paragraph should read: ‘Other experiments also showed that ADP was the active principle released by the collagen-platelet interaction [11]’.