The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis is an inclusive network of scientists dedicated to research, education and improvement of the lives of those who suffer with diseases and disorders of thrombosis, hemostasis and their underlying vascular biology. You are welcome to join ISTH by application and payment of annual membership dues.

Membership is individual and is not transferable. Categories of membership are:

Regular $160/year

Associate $35/year

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are not pro-rated.

For online enrollment, please visit You may also email or telephone the Membership Secretary, Sharon Overcash, at and + 1 919 929 3807.

Pier M Mannucci Awards

Six prizes will be awarded to young investigators who publish articles in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis in 2008. Applications should be made to the relevant editorial office by 31 October 2008. The first author should usually be younger than 35 years old. Early career researchers who are older than 35 may be considered at the discretion of the Editors in Chief.

The awards have been named in honour of Prof. P.M. Mannucci, the first Editor in Chief of JTH, and are made possible by a generous contribution from Bayer Healthcare. Recipients are selected by a jury of editors. Proof of age is required. Please contact for more information.

Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) website ( is activated

NNHF was created in 2005 as an independent, non-commercial organisation in Zurich, Switzerland, to address the significant need for improving haemophilia care and treatment in the developing world. NNHF works with partners in governments, NGOs and healthcare specialists in supporting development programmes, such as the education and training of patients, doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, the improvement of disease diagnosis and the establishment of patient registries. NNHF also offers awards and fellowships. Contact at

Venous Thromboembolism: from Bench to Bedside

11–13 September 2008, in Chapel Hill, USA, at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center, The University of North Carolina. For more information, please visit: