The State of the Art book of the XXII Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis is the 12th in a series that began with the Congress in Brussels in 1987. We have continued the tradition of limiting the book to contributions from Plenary and State of the Art speakers. As in previous years, the State of the Art book is available on CD-ROM along with a companion CD-ROM of abstracts from the Congress. This year, open access to the State of the Art book via the internet will commence with the opening of the Congress. We hope that this more rapid and wider availability will increase the audience that will benefit from these high quality reviews.

Although largely similar to recent editions of the State of the Art book, there are several substantive differences in this 12th edition. This year’s book features 73 articles, a considerable increase from previous issues. To accommodate the increased number of articles in an edition of similar size to previous issues, authors were asked to restrict the length of their contributions. I believe, these shorter articles are successful in economically relaying the critical information of each topic, and I thank the authors for making the extra effort that is required to write succinctly.

Many who were not authors nonetheless made important contributions to this State of the Art book. I would like to thank Juanita Caine for her assistance in shepherding manuscripts to and from authors and Associate Editors. Rachel Robinson and the production staff at Wiley-Blackwell did an outstanding job in technical editing and typesetting under a tight production schedule. Finally, I would especially like to thank the Associate Editors. Each article was reviewed by an expert in the field selected from a special Editorial Board that was assembled solely for the purpose of reviewing contributions that were submitted to this State of the Art book. The names of the Associate Editors are listed below.

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