Fig. S1. Classification of the different morphologies of megakaryocytes in explants.

Fig. S2. Effect of blebbistatin on cell migration out of the explants.

Fig. S3. Observation by confocal microscopy of explant sections after 6 h incubation.

Fig. S4. Proportion of megakaryocytes associated with sinusoids in the bone marrow.

Data S1. Observation and quantification of megakaryocytes in bone marrow explants.

Video Clip S1. Time lapse experiment showing the morphological changes of a megakaryocyte in the process of proplatelet formation in bone marrow explants.

Video Clip S2. Megakaryocyte from a WT bone marrow explant extending proplatelets.

Video Clip S3. Megakaryocyte from Myh9Δ bone marrow explant extending proplatelets.

Video Clip S4. Formation of a cell layer at the periphery of a bone marrow explant.

Video Clip S5. Prevention of cell layer formation at the periphery of explants by cytochalasin D.

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