Figure S1. IFNAR expression in DAMI cells.

Figure S2. (A) IFNAR1 expression (red) was analyzed in CD34+ cells, megakaryocytes and platelets. A non-relevant isotype antibody was used as a negative control for each cell type. Platelets were also stained for VWF (green) in order to visualize them. Images were taken on an epifluorescence microscope (n = 3). Original magnification, 60 × (scale bar: 10 μm). (B) Megakaryocytes on day 12 of culture were co-stained with Phalloidin (red) and IFNAR1 antibody (green) or the irrelevant isotype. IFNAR expression in megakaryocytes and proplatelets was analyzed by confocal microscopy. Differential interference contrast (DIC) and fluorescence images were analyzed using the Olympus FV100-ASW Version 2.1c software (n = 4). Original magnification, 60 × (scale bar: 10 μm).

Figure S3. To evaluate P-selectin expression, washed platelets from peripheral blood were stimulated with thrombin (Thr) in the presence or absence of IFNI.

Figure S4. Megakaryocytes at day 12 of culture were collected and mRNA encoding IFNAR subunits 1 (R1), 2 (R2) and TLR3 were detected by semiquantitative RT-PCR (n = 3).

Table S1. Primer sequences.

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