Fig. S1. Binding and internalization of fluorescent DTAF-fucoidan in ECFC. (A) Time course of DTAF-fucoidan binding to ECFC membrane realized at 4  °C. (B) Fixation and internalization of DTAF-fucoidan in ECFC after 1h of incubation at 37  °C observed by fluorescent microscopy. (C) Displacement experiments of ECFC cell-bound DTAF-fucoidan (DTAF Fuc) by 100-fold excess of unlabelled fucoidan and unlabelled-heparin. Values are expressed as means  ±  SEM (n  =  15). *P  <  0.05, **P  <  0.01, ***P  <  0.001 vs CTRL. Scale bar  =  30  µm.

Data S1. Expanded methods.

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