Fig. S1. Relationship between platelet number and absorbance values obtained in the static adhesion assay.

Fig. S2. Photograph of the microelectrode array on the base of an xCELLigence E-plate well.

Fig. S3. Expression levels of GPVI, α2 and αIIbβ3.

Fig. S4. Static adhesion of WT, GPVI−/− and FcRγ−/− platelets to CRP, GFOGER, collagen or III-04.

Fig. S5. Videos of WT (A, C) and ADAP−/− (B, D) platelets adhering to CRP (A, B) and GFOGER (C, D).

Fig. S6. Thrombocytopenia and splenomegaly in ADAP−/− mice.

Fig. S7. Histological sections of WT and ADAP−/− spleens.

Fig. S8. Effect of anti-murine GPVI antibodies JAQ1 (10 μg mL−1) and Six.E10 (10 μg mL−1) on adhesion of WT mouse platelets to collagen peptides.

Table S1. Sequences and melting temperatures (Tm) of synthetic peptides.

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