Data S1. Full methodological details.

Figure S1. Real-time in vivo platelet aggregation response profiles to thrombin and collagen and mean area under curve histograms.

Figure S2. Real-time trace showing dose dependent thrombin induced in vivo platelet aggregation recorded in one experimental animal. Typical trace of n = 5 is shown.

Figure S3. Histological sections showing lack of platelet associated staining in mice treated with saline control. Sections were stained with CD41 and photographed at × 20 magnification.

Figure S4. Real-time traces showing a collagen induced platelet aggregation response in the pulmonary region and a lack of response in the region over the liver.

Figure S5. Peak response and area under curve histograms showing statistically significant (P < 0.05) difference between collagen (100 μg kg−1) induced in vivo platelet aggregation following treatment of platelet donors with aspirin (300 mg × 8 days) vs. aspirin free controls.

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