Fig. S1. Transgene expression is doxycycline-inducible and platelet-specific.

Fig. S2. The P-selective expression and αIIbβ3 activation is similar under basal conditions on platelets from wild-type and transgenic mice.

Fig. S3. AR-C69931MX slightly inhibits platelet aggregation induced by serotonin in doxycycline treated transgenic mice.

Fig. S4. Real-time PCR detection of the expression of endogenous P2Y12 and cP2Y12 transgene in platelets of transgenic mice treated with doxycycline.

Video Clip S1. Thrombus formation in wild type mice.

Video Clip S2. Increased thrombus formation in doxycycline-treated cP2Y12 transgenic mice.

Data S1. Expanded materials and methods.

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