Figure S1. Angiotensin II enhanced the UPA and UPAR expression in agLDL-treated VSMC.

Figure S2. Downregulation of UPA expression. Real-time-PCR quantification of UPA levels in siRNA-UPA and siRNA-random cells at 36 h after transfection. Data were processed with a specially designed software program based on Ct values of each sample and normalized to GAPDH mRNA. Results were shown as means ± SD of 3 independent experiments. (ANOVA) *P < 0.05.

Figure S3. UPA/UPAR colocalization during cell adhesion. (A) Confocal microscopy of nonpermeabilized VSMC during cell adhesion at 30 min after seeding. Representative photomicrographs of control cells and agLDL-loaded cells in presence or absence of angII. Cells were stained for UPA and UPAR (green signal refer to UPA, red signal to UPAR, yellow signal refer to colocalization between UPA and UPAR). (B) Bar diagrams refer to signal intensity for UPA and UPAR. Results were shown as means ± SD of three independent experiments. P<0.05, * vs control cells, # vs agLDL-loaded cells.

Figure S4. Actin fiber polymerization and cytoskeleton rearrangement in siRNA-UPA VSMC.

Figure S5. Subcellular distribution of F-actin in VSMC during adhesion.

Figure S6. UPA co-immunoprecipitation .

Table S1. Cytoskeleton-related proteins co-immunoprecipitanting with UPA and UPAR in extracts of VSMC.

Data S1. Materials and methods.

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