From the Book Review Editor


What is on your bookshelf? Most likely, you have an easily accessible collection of books central to your specialty area in risk analysis, a smattering of titles of interest, and a growing list of books to explore as time permits.

Starting this summer, we are expanding our book review coverage to help fill in your bookshelf and showcase many different dimensions of risk science. We are carrying reviews of topical issues, such as health effects from dust created by the collapse of the World Trade Center.(1) In upcoming issues, we are reviewing books about emerging areas of risk like synthetic biology, as well as more established areas like decision-making and behavioral economics, management of hazards, infrastructure security, and intelligence analysis, to name several. We are also starting a new tradition of reviewing movies, fiction, and television shows, initiated by Michael Greenberg in his review of science fiction books last year.(2)

The goal of the enhanced coverage is to stimulate discussion of books, reviews, and trends in risk science. To this end, we are experimenting with format as well – carrying long thematic reviews, traditional length reviews, and reviews of seminal books by multiple reviewers.