Fuzzy-Logic-Based Safety Verification Framework for Nuclear Power Plants


Address correspondence to Hossam A. Gabbar, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, UOIT, 2000 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa L1H7K4 ON, Canada; Hossam.gabbar@uoit.ca.


This article presents a practical implementation of a safety verification framework for nuclear power plants (NPPs) based on fuzzy logic where hazard scenarios are identified in view of safety and control limits in different plant process values. Risk is estimated quantitatively and compared with safety limits in real time so that safety verification can be achieved. Fuzzy logic is used to define safety rules that map hazard condition with required safety protection in view of risk estimate. Case studies are analyzed from NPP to realize the proposed real-time safety verification framework. An automated system is developed to demonstrate the safety limit for different hazard scenarios.