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Appendix A: Parameter Values

Table A1: List of symbols

Table A2: Physiologic parameters used in the model

Table A3: Metabolic kinetic parameters used in the model

Table A4: Partition coefficients used in the model

Table A5: Background metabolite parameters used in the model

Appendix B: Mathematical Model

Appendix C: Additional Validation Studies

Figure C1: Breath measurements following cessation of occupational exposure, as reported by Berlin et al.(36) Model results are for 8 hours of exposure to 0.5 ppm benzene, followed by a background exposure of 0.005 ppm.

Figure C2: Breath concentrations measured by Nomiyama and Nomiyama during 4 hours of exposure to 57 ppm benzene.(37,38)

Figure C3: Results of Sherwood(40) and model predictions for four exposure scenarios.

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