Many areas of social research show that images of the future influence behavior. There is evidence that traditional images of the future are becoming less believable and that we are becoming less hopeful about the future. This article explores emerging images of a sustainable society to assess their potential for renewing our sense of hope and social purpose. Four different images or scenarios are set out of the level of change that may be required to reach a sustainable future. Rough quantitative estimates are used to test the feasibility of the scenarios. The analysis suggests that most of these scenarios are well within the realm of physical possibility. It also shows that emerging images of a sustainable society have the characteristics possessed by other images of the future that have been highly influential in Western history and in other cultures. They are believable, highly positive, and open-ended, inviting further elaboration. They specifically respond to key challenges facing our society. And they set out a story of “what is happening” and “what could be” that provides an integrative perspective on the significance of today's events and choices.