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Globalization as Re-traumatization: Rebuilding Haiti from the Spirit Up


  • The work presented in this manuscript was made possible by a University of West Georgia Faculty Research Grant and Faculty Research Enhancement Award to the first author and by a National Council for Community Behavioral Mental Health Grant awarded to the second author.

Jeannette Diaz, Department of Psychology, University of West Georgia, 1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30117. Tel: 678-839-0602 [e-mail:].


This article provides a case study of Haiti within the context of both its distant history of colonialism and its recent history of globalization. We then provide a discussion that highlights the relationship between globalization, poverty, and mental health in low and middle-income countries and describe the development of Pwogwam Santé Mantal, a community-based mental health program in Jeremie, Haiti. We present results of focus groups and interviews that provide a sense of how mental health issues are discussed in this region and present results from a pilot survey which corroborate focus group and interview data. We describe a mental health seminar that took place in July of 2010 and present outcome evaluation data for the seminar. We end with a discussion of how these data and this mental health program address the problematic relationship between globalization and mental health and highlight implications for future research and program/policy development.