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“Belonging” as a Theoretical Framework for the Study of Psychology and Globalization


Ronelle Carolissen, Department of Educational Psychology, Private Bag X1, Matieland, Stellenbosch 7602, South Africa [e-mail:].


This article argues that given the pernicious ways in which processes of globalization may be counter-transformative for psychology as a discipline, it is important to consider which preventative mechanisms could be employed to engage psychological understandings of globalization in socially just and transformative ways. The notion of “belonging” as theoretical framework for the study of globalization in psychology will be discussed in the context of citizenship and globalization. I suggest that if psychology wishes to contribute to a transforming psychology of globalization, its discursive construction needs to be examined, we should teach for transformation, and research agendas will need to engage in intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects and dialogues.