A Comparison Study of Two Advance Organizers for Introducing Beginning Foreign Language Students to Video



This research compared student retention of information in foreign language videos in two advance organizer conditions. The subjects were 39 English-speaking college students enrolled in two sections of an introductory French course. In the Description Only advance organizer condition, the teacher read aloud six sentences that summarized major scenes in the upcoming video. In the Description + Pictures advance organizer condition, the teacher presented the identical six sentence description of major scenes in the video. The difference between conditions was that in the Description + Pictures condition, when the teacher read one of the six sentences aloud, she also showed a picture related in context to the sentence but not a pictorial translation of it. Student performance with 12 videos introduced in each of these two ways was tested. Results indicated that the visual support in the Description + Pictures condition significantly improved comprehension of the videos. The investigators interpreted these results as indicating that extensive listening is facilitated by the richness of context that visual organizers provide.