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Decision Sciences Research in China: A Critical Review and Research Agenda—Foundations and Overview*


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    This research is partially supported by the Li & Fung Institute of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Chinese University of Hong Kong. We also would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Yinan Qi, assistant professor in the School Business, University of International Economics and Trade; Dr. Fujun Lai, assistant professor at the School of Accounting and Information Systems, University of Southern Mississippi; Mr. Huo Bao Feng and Mr. Wang Zhiqiang, PhD students at Chinese University of Hong Kong; Miss Liping Qian, PhD student at the School of Management at the Xian JiaoTong University; and Mr. Hua-Hong Weng; PhD student at Clemson University, for their support in the literature review and data gathering for the article. Finally we would like to thank Editor Vicki Smith-Daniels for inviting us to write this article and for her encouragement and guidance throughout the process of preparing for this manuscript.

Corresponding author.


This article focuses on decision sciences research in China, providing an overview of current research and developing a foundation for future China-based research. China provides a unique research opportunity for decision sciences researchers, owing to its recent history, rapid economic development, and strong national culture. We examine recent economic reforms and their impact on the development of research questions in the decision sciences, as well as discuss characteristics of the diverse regions in China and their potential as sites for various types of research. We provide a brief overview of recent China-based research on decision sciences issues relating to national culture, supply chain management, quality management, production planning and control, operations strategy, and new product development and discuss some of the unique methodological challenges inherent in China-based research. We conclude by looking forward to emerging research opportunities in China.