In volume 36, issue number 3, there were two errors that need correction:

On page 204, second column, first full paragraph, the sentence beginning “Only six years later … . ” and the following sentence in the paragraph should be corrected to read as follows: “In Muller v. Oregon, the Court vindicated Holmes's reasoning by upholding an Oregon state law setting maximum work hours (Endnote: 208 U.S. 412 (1908)). The Court's decision in Muller, coupled with the overturning of other precedents in the early twentieth century, demonstrated the potential for dissents to be vindicated in subsequent decisions and helped establish the dissenting opinion as a legitimate means of contributing to the development of law.” On page 228, Justice Robert C. Grier is pictured at top left.In volume 37, issue number 1, a photo of the Fuller Court was mistakenly substituted for the Waite Court. The Society regrets these errors.