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TEDS has been funded since 1995 by a program grant from the U.K. Medical Research Council (G9424799, now G050079). Funding has also been received to develop additional areas of research from the U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (HD) for a quantitative genetic study of school environments (HD44454) and of mathematics (HD46167), and for molecular genetic research on reading (HD49861); the Wellcome Trust is also supporting our molecular genetic research on cognitive abilities (GR75492). We are enormously grateful to the TEDS families for their participation and support for more than a decade. The quantity and quality of these TEDS data are a credit to its dedicated staff, led by Patricia Busfield as coordinator (and Bonny Oliver and Alexandra Trouton as previous coordinators), Andy McMillan as data manager, and Jane Mackay as coordinator of web-based testing. We are indebted as well to an excellent team of researchers including many predoctoral and postdoctoral students whose contributions are recorded in their publications.